Demise of the Maritimes: Blame Canada

“Back in March, the Globe and Mail printed an in-depth article about how the Maritimes more or less became the economic backwater of Canada.”…/how…/article23554298/

And what was the articles conclusion? That Canada was the worst thing to have ever happened to Nova Scotia.

“How did it come to this? The simple answer is, the Maritime provinces were betrayed by the rest of Canada.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick entered Confederation in 1867 (PEI held out until 1873) reluctantly, and with good reason. At the time, the region enjoyed a thriving economy built on trade, mostly with the U.S. Northeast.

There were steel mills, cotton mills, sugar refineries, glassworks – a quarter of the new Dominion’s manufacturing capacity. Manufacturing was financed locally, through lenders that evolved into the Royal Bank and Scotiabank. Maritimers’ shipbuilding prowess was world-renowned. Halifax was a major hub on the Atlantic seaboard.

Then, in 1879, the federal government imposed the National Policy, creating a tariff wall with the United States in order to protect Central Canadian manufacturing. Suddenly, the nearest market for Maritime goods was Montreal, 1,200 kilometres to the west.

Cut off from American markets and far removed from the Canadian heartland, the Maritimes withered into a mostly rural economy dependent on forestry and the fishery, which offered only seasonal work. To protect what jobs were left, governments began throwing good money after bad, propping up money-losing coal mines, paper mills, tourist resorts.

‘The place hasn’t recovered since'”

But yeah, it’s totally the lack of a stadium that sets us apart – we aren’t modern enough, not bold enough, not progressive enough – because we don’t have a stadium.

Lets again bend over for Upper Canadians and give them access to our orifices, lubed with a few hundred million in tax dollars, to host a shitty football team that is part of a shitty football league, and hey, the Dalai Llama might come too. Sigh

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